• Bishop Peter F. Hansen

Those Little ER Pieces

Just received, this thank you card, anonymous, unsolicited. Gives me hope for what I do...

Dear Bishop Hansen,

Thank you for your fine writings in the newspaper. I always look forward to the next one. Your style is clear, your message joyful. Hope jumps off the page. My reaction is always a pulse-quickening "Yes!" There is powerful medicine in the words you share.

I attend a local Catholic church, but I readily see the beauty in many paths to God. Labels are for soup cans; an earnest yearning for God transcends them.

May years ago I painfully lost my way, but never entirely my hope. How many years I wasted! How patient is our God! He never gave up on me. How hungry I was to return to the banquet--devouring books, writing, taking classes. My family said I was "going overboard" in my search. They did not understand my hunger!

That's why your newspaper pieces are so important--they feed the spirit in quiet joy and remind us what is most important.

My life has some major challenges that often bring me to my knees. It is on those knees that I know He is with me, and with Him I have Easter in July. I have His promises for greater things to come.

Thank you again for sharing the best news. Thank you for the hope.

May God bless you.


A friend in Christ

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We are an Anglican Church with a timeless message and traditional
worship exclusively using the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and the King
James and the Coverdale Bibles. Our membership in the
Anglican Province of Christ the King, ensures us with full Apostolic orders, the comfort of the Holy Sacraments, the authority of Holy Scriptures, and a nationwide body of enthusiastic believers under Archbishop John Upham and Bishop Donald Ashman, bishop ordinary of the Diocese of the Western States.

Bishop Peter F. Hansen, Rector of St. Augustine's and Suffragan Bishop of this diocese, leads worship, instruction, and Bible studies. Deacons Brian Faith and David Jackson assist, visit, and instruct the young.

Children are urged to attend Children's Ministry at 9:15 a.m., then to sit with their families during worship, receive a blessing at the rail or, if confirmed, partake of Communion. For the very young, baby-sitting is provided in our nursery.

If you have a question of any kind, don’t hesitate to ask. God does not want us to check our brains at the door to His House, but would rather have our minds converted along with our hearts.




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