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What will I experience at

St. Augustine’s?

Enter the solid walnut tower doors and leave the 21st century behind, along with all the confusion and your daily grind. 

This is God’s House, and you are welcome here.

Still your heart, clear your mind, open your eyes to light through stained glass, and open your ears to feast on classical music and timeless lyrical expressions of God’s glory. This is worship.




Give yourself to it.


We worship in a liturgical style, which means that words are carefully composed, deeply embedded with Scriptural truth, time-tested and trustworthy.

Join in or just listen. Stand, sit, kneel with us, or just relax until you understand. Folders in the bookracks help you follow the liturgy until you can get around in the Prayer Book and Hymnal.


Why aren’t there Bible’s in the bookracks? Of course, you may bring your own Bible, but our Prayer Book is loaded with all the Scripture you’ll need during a service. We have Bibles available for Bible studies, young and old, elsewhere in the Church. Listen and you’ll know the Bible is our language of prayer. While the language of our worship is formal, we speak English: the message will to meet you where you live.


If you are baptized and an adult, and believe Christ is truly present in the blessed bread and wine at the altar, you’re welcome to join us at the Communion rail to receive them.

You are welcome in any case.


Anglicans are Christians, and have been for 2,000 years.

We believe that God is One, and is also Three Divine Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

He made the world and He created human beings free, and originally perfect.

We fell into disobedience, so we needed redeeming.

The Father sent His only-begotten Son to earth, incarnated as Jesus Christ and born to a Virgin named Mary.

He lived a perfect life and was handed over by the Temple priests to the cruel justice of Roman law,

judging Him as a pretender to the throne of David, long empty.

He was crucified under a sign that read, “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.”

He rose again from the dead, three days later,

spent 40 days among His followers, and then ascended into heaven.

He will return one day and the world will end as He gathers His own to Himself,

to be risen again in new, undying bodies,

to live with Him eternally in a new heaven and a new earth.

Tell me About Your Building!

St. Augustine of Canterbury Anglican Church lives in a beautiful place of worship that’s stood in Chico for over 110 years. Its history holds three owners, varied purposes, and hopes for the future. Inside, it is a solid, quiet haven in the midst of a bustling city.

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