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Lay Ministry

Ministry means service. A Church serves people in any number of ways. There is Church School for the young and old. There are retreats for men and women. There are outreaches where the community learns what kind of people we are and what kind of God we serve. Not all such work, in fact a small amount of it, is done by trained clergy. Much needs to be done by lay members. We don't say 'ordinary' for every member of the Body of Christ has the Holy Spirit living in him or her, takes the Body and Blood of Christ Jesus in communion weekly, and has years of worship and experience of Bible truth and application. Lay Ministry training brings that all under a more full set of Church ways and means, under authority, pulling together, and using those gifts we each have. This teaching will have several weeks added to it, so stay tuned. 

Taking Notes


This is where we send out class notes, audios and videos of our trainings and classes. One place to get all these. Members of our staff are generating these all the time. We post the links here so you may read, listen and watch wherever you are. The Kingdom of God is bigger than the four walls of one church. Explore.

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Lay Ministry Class 1

In class 1 we define lay ministry, with several key scriptures that authenticate how God employs the lay members of a Church. 

Deacon Brian Faith gives his testimony on how he engaged with our Church and the ministry helped to shape his life. 

Instructors: Bishop Peter and Giti Hansen, Deacon Brian Faith

Date: May 26, 2024

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