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Back Inside

We are happy to welcome you again into our sanctuary. We have been trying to keep everything as close to our usual experience while the COVID-19 restrictions kept us away, offering services at the usual hours in the week. Now that the governor has lifted the ban on church services, and our College of Bishops followed suit, we are back in church, with a few easy provisions to insure our experience of worship in the Presence of Christ and each other, in reasonable safety.

One way in, one way out: We enter the glass doors and at service end, we exit through the tower, meeting on the sidewalk to visit and socialize, without coffee and refreshments for now.

Social space: We sit in every other pew, in family groups, and offer face masks, which are your option to use.

Communion: We are currently offering the Host alone, which we know is a whole Sacrament, given to family groups in the center of the rail.

Bible Studies and Sunday School: For the present, as these smaller, intimate groups present challenges, they are postponed.

Zoom and YouTube: We continue to offer anyone who cannot attend the ability to join via our live transmission, and afterward, the same service posted for view on YouTube. Zoom programming is by invitation - contact the church at YouTube services are all posted at

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